Graffiti is a form of art used to communicate in public spaces. It is a way to express your feelings in public. Art is sometimes held as a crime, but if done with permission, it can be a means of expression. It is done on the walls bordering roads or some buildings. It is a colorful way of putting across your point. It is a way you can ignite the minds of the viewers. It lets the artist express his emotions and also conveys the things or affairs happening all around the world. Recently art has become very popular among people.visit here

Importance of graffiti

Like all other art forms, Graffiti is an art of expression. It is a way to put across your message in public. There are different shades of Graffiti. Hence, people can interpret it in multiple ways.

  • People interpret it in a way suitable for them.

Graffiti is a layered art, and deep thought goes into its making. It lets people interpret it in a way personal to them. This helps people to connect with the art and feel understood.

  • Graffiti has cultural importance

This art form has been done since ancient times and has great cultural importance. It helps to show your culture to other people. It is a form of representation of the culture.

  • Graffiti is your voice

Graffiti is a way to convey your point to people without speaking. There is a circumstance where you cannot express the situation by saying. But you can spread social awareness through eye-catching graffiti work. It is a way to convey wrong things happening without shouting or fighting. It is a way to show the injustices happening around you. Many times it can be an eye-opener to people.

  • It can be used to tell stories

Graffiti is a form of visual art having a blend of colors that can be used to tell stories to people.

What are the common materials used in graffiti?

Graffitis require a range of products that are –

  1. Spray painting is one of the common materials used for Graffiti. You can get different colors for spray painting. They can add layers to the painting and give it a fresh look.
  2. Paintbrushes are common tools used for any art. They can be used to add details to the painting.
  3. Rollers are used to paint larger areas at a fast pace.