Every relationship that you are ever going to find yourself in will involve some kind of a toss of the dice. After all, when you first meet someone and feel a certain level of attraction to them, suffice it to say that it can be easy to get taken in by the first impression. However, one thing that we would strongly urge you to sear into the rational part of your brain is that first impressions are usually not all that accurate. People often put up a good face when they are meeting someone for the first time, and that means that you can’t be certain that the person they are showing to you is also who they are deep beneath the surface.

Is It Healthy to Have a Relationship With Your Ex

All of this can make it fairly likely that your relationship would end in a break up once the initial period of attraction runs its course. A lot of people ask us if it is healthy to have a relationship with someone that they just broke up with, and we are of the opinion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being on good terms with your ex girlfriend considering the two of you know each other so intimately.

As long as you didn’t break up with her due to some inherent kind of toxicity that resulted in you feeling miserable, having a good friendship with your ex can have a really positive kind of influence on you. The intimacy that you shared may never come back, but the spark of affection might still exist and you need people that know you in such a deep way so that they can be there for you.